With the open­ing up of the Kurt Mas­ur archive, the IKMI would like to encour­age oth­ers to study the life and work of Kurt Mas­ur from an aca­dem­ic per­spect­ive. The first sym­posi­um to coin­cide with the open­ing of the IKMI in Novem­ber 2017 will tackle a sub­ject which Kurt Mas­ur was plan­ning to debate in pub­lic dur­ing his life­time and which has been gen­er­at­ing great uncer­tainty in the world of music for cen­tur­ies, namely Beethoven’s approach to tempo. There is evid­ence that Kurt Mas­ur was cap­tiv­ated by this sub­ject even back in the 1960s. This interest cul­min­ated, among oth­er things, in a fruit­ful col­lab­or­a­tion with the Beeth­oven House in Bonn, a part­ner of the IKMI and co-organ­iser of the first symposium.