When the Inter­na­tion­al Kurt Mas­ur Insti­tute opens in Novem­ber 2017, large parts of the conductor’s private archive will gradu­ally be giv­en a home at the Mendels­sohn House in Leipzig, where a long-term pro­ject will see them examined, digit­ised and made avail­able to the public.

The private archive of Kurt Mas­ur holds more than 2,000 let­ters, audio and film record­ings, as well as more than sev­enty years’ worth of press art­icles and pro­grammes. There are also wide-ran­ging col­lec­tions of pho­to­graphs, sheet music/scores, posters and works of art, as well as an extens­ive music library.

The digit­al archive of the New York Phil­har­mon­ic can also be searched for inform­a­tion about Kurt Masur.