Dear Friends,

I warmly wel­come you on the web­site of the Inter­na­tion­al Kurt Mas­ur Insti­tute – on the IKMI website!

Since my adored and beloved hus­band passed away, I meet a lot of people all over the world, who tell me their per­son­al thoughts and stor­ies about their Kurt Mas­ur. Even if they are fam­ous or not; musi­cian, politi­cian or busi­ness woman/man or ordin­ary a cit­izen — all of them report pas­sion­ally and warmly about their meet­ings with my hus­band. It is impress­ive. And this proofs that Kurt is still alive as a liv­ing spir­it inside the hearts of many people. Kurt had the deep con­vic­tion that human con­scious­ness, acts and beha­viour – first of all with regard to the improve­ment of a music­al tal­ent – have to grow on the basis of know­ledge and power of tra­di­tion – a tra­di­tion ori­ented towards the future of a soci­ety and towards com­mon wel­fare. This con­vic­tion gave him a dis­tinct­ive kind of strength through­out his life.

I clearly remem­ber his last mas­ter course for young con­duct­ors. In Kurt’s view a student’s per­son­al­ity comes to light through con­duct­ing. He always tried to make them sense how essen­tial it is to be a per­son AND a musi­cian at the same time. Mak­ing music means to under­stand the bear­ing and pro­found­ness of the piece, to intern­al­ize it and to pre­cisely cap­ture the motiv­a­tion and enthu­si­asm of a com­poser exactly. It is the only way to imme­di­ately pass on the mes­sage to the musi­cians and to the audi­ence. Some­times the young con­duct­ors were put to quite a hard test. But after an intens­ive exchange with Kurt, they felt strengthened as a human being and more con­fid­ent to fol­low their own way as a conductor.

I think we are very lucky that we had Kurt as a pathfind­er in our soci­ety. In this spir­it and accom­pan­ied by his soul the IKMI would like to provide plenty of inspir­a­tion and joy, not only dis­play­ing dif­fer­ent kinds of mater­i­al and doc­u­ments, but also through vari­ous events and pro­jects in the future.

Tomoko Mas­ur
pres­id­ent and donat­or of the IKMI