Dear Friends,

I warmly welcome you on the website of the International Kurt Masur Institute – on the IKMI website!

Since my adored and beloved husband passed away, I meet a lot of people all over the world, who tell me their personal thoughts and stories about their Kurt Masur. Even if they are famous or not; musician, politician or business woman /man or ordinary a citizen – all of them report passionally and warmly about their meetings with my husband. It is impressive. And this proofs that Kurt is still alive as a living spirit inside the hearts of many people. Kurt had the deep conviction that human consciousness, acts and behaviour – first of all with regard to the improvement of a musical talent – have to grow on the basis of knowledge and power of tradition – a tradition oriented towards the future of a society and towards common welfare. This conviction gave him a distinctive kind of strength throughout his life.

I clearly remember his last master course for young conductors. In Kurt’s view a student’s personality comes to light through conducting. He always tried to make them sense how essential it is to be a person AND a musician at the same time. Making music means to understand the bearing and profoundness of the piece, to internalize it and to precisely capture the motivation and enthusiasm of a composer exactly. It is the only way to immediately pass on the message to the musicians and to the audience. Sometimes the young conductors were put to quite a hard test. But after an intensive exchange with Kurt, they felt strengthened as a human being and more confident to follow their own way as a conductor.

I think we are very lucky that we had Kurt as a pathfinder in our society. In this spirit and accompanied by his soul the IKMI would like to provide plenty of inspiration and joy, not only displaying different kinds of material and documents, but also through various events and projects in the future.

Tomoko Masur
president and donator of the IKMI