›You have to believe in the power of music and learn to perceive it. It has the capacity to kindle and strengthen our better selves.‹

Kurt Masur (*18. Juli 1927 Brieg /Schlesien – † 19. Dezember 2015 New York/USA)

Kurt Masur left his mark on generations of people all over the world: as a musician and conductor, but above all as a man. Irrespective of all the social systems he found himself living under during a momentous century, he always succeeded in preserving, defending and passing on to others his humanist attitude to life. Many found his courageous demeanour, his words and his music edifying, encouraging and highly thought-provoking. The International Kurt Masur Institute is keen to preserve his legacy and pass on his philosophy to generations to come. It is with this goal in mind that the Mendelssohn House in Leipzig is to open a multimedia information and meeting centre in November 2017. The Kurt Masur exhibition will then be available to view during the normal opening hours of the Mendelssohn House.